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Whiteboard Share Android App logo Whiteboard Share, a free Android application, allows users to easily capture and share whiteboard discussions. Whiteboard Share removes the unwanted artifacts from your whiteboard images, making them easier to read, share and print. It also reports the approximate percentage of savings in toner usage, which helps you go green.


The app is very easy to use and requires no registration. To capture a whiteboard discussion, just snap a picture of the whiteboard and choose the contacts you would like to share your picture with. In the email, they will receive the original image you captured, as well as a clean version where the background is white, the text is more readable, and the glare is gone! 

To install the app, run the Market app on your Android phone, search for 'whiteboard share' or 'Ricoh' and select the application, download, and run. Requires Android 2.0 and up. Get it here!

Quick Start:

• Take a picture of a whiteboard and e-mail it to yourself and others.

• You will all receive not only the original image you sent but the cleaned-up version of the whiteboard image as well.

Usage Tips:

• Setup the default settings, such as the default e-mail cc field, so the images you send are always cc’d to you.

• By default the application automatically saves the image you e-mail to your Android device's image gallery. This way you can access the previously sent images. This feature can be turned off from the settings menu.

• By default the application sends you both your original image and the cleaned-up image. If you'd like to send only the cleaned-up image turn-off this setting.


Who should use this app?
Anybody who is looking for an easy way to capture and share his or her whiteboard images.

What happens after I send the e-mail?
The e-mail and the image you took are first sent to our server. There we process the received image and apply a whiteboard clean-up algorithm to produce a printer-friendly version of the whiteboard image. Our server then e-mails the original image the user took and the cleaned-up image to the recipients. The whole process takes less than 20 seconds. By the time the user receives the ‘e-mail sent’ message, the processing is completed and e-mail is sent.

If we are sending the original whiteboard image, why do I need cleaned-up image?
Cleaned-up images are particularly good for printing as significant toner usage is saved if the user prints the cleaned-up image instead of original image. At Ricoh innovations research lab, we would like to support a green workflow and make the cleaned version of the image available to the receiver.

Can I preview the cleaned-up whiteboard image?
No. Whiteboard image is cleaned-up at our server, not on the Android device. In this current version we do not send the cleaned image back to your Android device. By default our application sends both the original image you take and the cleaned-up image. We recommend that you keep this default setting. This way even if the cleaned-up image does not meet your satisfaction, you will have the original image. Another option to get around this limitation is to always e-mail the whiteboard image to your own e-mail account and share it only when it meets your satisfaction.

Can I control the clean-up parameters?
No, currently we do not expose the clean-up parameters.

How do you compute toner savings?
Toner savings is a very rough approximation of ink usage when user prints the cleaned-up image versus the original image. It is computed by dividing the number of white pixels in the cleaned-up image to the number of non-white pixels in the original image.

Can I process non-whiteboard images, such as blackboard images or document images?
The algorithm is optimized for cleaning whiteboard images and assumes the background is white, and so will not perform very well when processing the blackboard images. You can, however, achieve some decent results when you process document images.

What are the terms of use?
The license agreement is available on our website, but we hope if this restricts you in some way, you'll let us know.

I have more questions and/or feedback, who do I contact?
We absolutely love to hear from you; after all we provide this app so that we can get some feedback. Please e-mail any questions you have to with the subject line “Android Whiteboard Share”