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Convert your iPhone into a mobile scanner!

Scan documents, forms, whiteboards, magazines, signs, product labels using Scan Pages iPhone application. Scan Pages organizes and cleans your mobile  images using our advance image processing technology, and allows you to combine them in a pdf file and store in Google Docs, Evernote, Dropbox or share via E-mail. NO REGISTRATION is required.

• Annotate, organize mobile images

• Make pdf from multiple images

• Clean, rectify mobile images to make it easier to read and print

• Combine multiple images and share via e-mail, send to Google Docs, Evernote, or DropBox


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How to add new pages?

• Press the lens button to take a picture of a document, form, whiteboard, business card, etc. (or press the image button to add a picture from the phone's gallery).

• Select document borders by moving the yellow dots and press on the "Scan" button to make the document image look as if it came out of a document scanner.

• Add notes, press "Done" to finish or "Share" to share it via E-mail or export to Evernote, Dropbox, or Google Docs.

How to share/export?

• Select one or more page images by touching the image thumbnail.

• Press the "Share" button to share the collection of pages.

• Choose to share via E-mail or store your pages to Evernote, Dropbox, or Google Docs.

How to tag pages?

• Go to the detail screen for an image by selecting the blue right-arrow icon.
• Press the "+" button to attach a tag. Then press one of the provided tags or create a new tag by pressing the "Create a New Tag" button.
• To remove a tag, on the detail screen, press an attached tag button (listed at the top next to the '+'), then press the "-" button.
• Press "Done" to return to the home screen. Press a tag button to filter the displayed pages and only show pages with the tag.


Who should use this app?
Anyone with a page to scan, store, or share. Use Scan Pages to capture, organize, and store/share your mobile images, particularly relating to documents, whiteboards, forms, and articles.

The image I get looks skewed, distorted. How do I fix this?
After you take a photo or select your image, you will see a screen with a yellow rectangle. Please make sure that you select the corners of the document by dragging and dropping the little yellow circles. If you do not wish any rectification, simply press on the little rectangle button at the bottom of the screen to turn this feature off.

I have tried the image clean-up and the resulting image quality is not good, why?
Our algorithm is optimized to enhance images with a white background and black text in small fonts. Any pictures and large text in your image may not produce the desired result. In this case we recommend simply skipping the clean-up process and press "Done".

Can I control the processing parameters?
No, currently we do not expose the clean-up parameters.

I would like to rectify without clean-up, can I do this?
Yes, if you have the version 2.0 or later. After you take a photo or select your image, make sure that the "B/W" button is not selected and the rectify button (which looks like 4 dots connected with lines) is selected.

Can I re-order my images?
Yes, but only for newly created pages. On the "Settings" screen, choose "Ordering of Selected Images". You may choose oldest to newest, newest to oldest, or the order in which images are selected.

Where does the processing take place?
The processing takes place in our servers. This is the only way we can provide superb image processing and update our algorithms to provide best algorithms for our users.

Why do you ask for My Evernote/GoogleDocs/Dropbox password/user id?
We need to authenticate with these cloud storage providers to be able to add documents to your account for you. Passwords are encrypted on your phone and never go to any of our servers.

My Evernote/GoogleDocs/Dropbox password/user id is not working, what do I do?
First make sure that you can login to the Evernote/GoogleDocs/Dropbox website using the corresponding user id and password. Then try the same user id and password in the Scan Pages app. If you are still having troubles please email to betas@rii.ricoh.com

I would like to change Evernote/GoogleDocs/Dropbox settings, add new notebooks etc, what do I do?
This app does not allow you to change most of the settings for these cloud storage platforms. You will need to go to their website to modify specific settings.

I have more questions and/or feedback, who do I contact?
Please e-mail any questions you have to betas@rii.ricoh.com

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