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Image to Text OCR iPhone AppImageToText app allows you to extract editable ASCII text from images, and share the results by EMAIL or EVERNOTE. The app is free, very easy to use, and requires NO REGISTRATION.

Simply take a picture of a document that you would like to extract the text from, and e-mail the image to yourself, co-workers, friends. You will all receive not only the image but a text file that contains the editable text that is extracted from the image. Currently we are supporting English documents only.

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The e-mail and text file I received does not contain legible text, there are a lot of garbage characters, or I got an empty file, what do I do?
Recognizing text in images is amazingly difficult (sometimes websites ask a user to recognize text just to prove they are human). This app uses an automatic character recognition engine and its accuracy may vary widely based on the quality of the image, the font type, and other factors. For best results, please make sure that lighting is sufficient, there are no shadows, and that the image is well focused.

Which languages do you support?
We currently support only English. Though it would be nice to be able to extract text from non-English documents, we current do not have any plans for this.

What happens after I send the e-mail?
The e-mail and the image you take are first sent to our server. There we process the received image and convert the image into a text file. Our server then e-mails the original image and the extracted text to the recipients.

My Evernote password/user id is not working, what do I do?
First make sure that you can login to the Evernote website http://www.evernote.com/ using your user id and password. Then try the same user id and password in the ImageToText app. If you are still having troubles please email to betas@ric.ricoh.com

I would like to change Evernote settings, add new notebooks etc, what do I do?
This app does not allow you change most of your Evernote settings, you need to go to Evernote website http://www.evernote.com/ for modifying Evernote specific settings.

What are the terms of use?
Please see Terms of Use

What OCR software is used by this app?
The core OCR functionality is provided by Abbyy.

I have more questions and/or feedback, who do I contact?
We absolutely love to hear from you; after all we provide this app so that we can get some feedback. Please e-mail any questions you have to betas@ric.ricoh.com